Digital Architecture Promotion Center

The future of society is often captured in the vision of Society 5.0 where the advancement of digital technology is transforming society into one that utilizes data in real time to solve social challenges and foster innovation. To achieve this vision of a data-driven digital society, it is critically important to design and provide digital services consisting of data linkages, data processing libraries, and identity authentication through a standardized interconnected architecture. But these digital architectures are challenged by a variety of problems including siloed technology development and optimization, system instabilities due to addition/removal of functions, and open system challenges with unauthorized users. Therefore, we established the Digital Architecture Promotional Center (DAPC) to create a reference architecture to realize this platform and implement standards for seamless operation between various stakeholders. We not only collaborate with teams inside and outside of our unit but play an important role as a hub for R&D, standardization, software implementation and promotional activities.

Our goals are:

  • Research, development and standardization of a reference digital architecture enabling people to access and benefit from digital services.
  • Promote technology R&D, technology evaluation, software implementation and standardization, based on policy needs and industry needs, in collaboration with stakeholders in Japan and overseas.

Digital Architecture Promotion Center


Data linkage is essential for the development of the digital society, but currently Japan lacks a reference architecture design compared to the United States and European countries.

Implementation in society

To achieve this, we focus on use-cases from industrial processes where the utilization of large volumes of data will generate important insights into how a digital architecture would function in society.

Architecture Design

Build a Global Platform

DAPC designs and implements a platform based on a reference architecture to create a global ecosystem, sharing ideas with international partners. We promptly promote de jure standards and forums necessary for interoperability and quality assurance.

In addition, to enhance the opportunities for open innovation to synergize with diverse research outputs, we will promote the advancement and sharing of research facilities and equipment that capture the needs of society and industry (e.g. ABCI in Kashiwa Center). We will secure highly skilled personnel for the effective management of these facilities and for supporting the use of our technical know-how.

What's New

AIST public relations magazine of the DAPC special issue has been released. (in Japanese)
The DAPC introduction videos have been uploaded in Japanese web page.
Dr. Hiro KISHIMOTO becomes the director.
The Digital Architecture Promotion Center has been established.

Organization Diagram

Organization Diagram


Digital Architecture Promotion Center, AIST

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